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Drop Everything and Read today during our Celebrate Reading week. @mmuusdvt @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

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I ❤️ this tradition of exchanging secret Valentines throughout the school. Thank you Mrs. Aucter for orchestrating this! @mmuusdvt #ucs_vermont @ucs_vermont

We practiced using and identifying our text features today while doing a breakout box activity. Thank you @reneelangevinedu for setting this up for us! @mmuusdvt @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

We did a 100th day food drive in each third and fourth grade class at UCS. Students were given the challenge to collect 100 items and our class surpassed our goal! These smiling faces were helping to organize all of the food. UCS will have an ongoing food drive, so please continue to send in any non-perishable items to be donated to local families in need. @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt

Focusing on main idea and supporting evidence! They were working hard! @mmuusdvt @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

We loved the Catamount Classroom game today with our penpals from @brewsterpiercevt @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt @mrs.annacarter

The green team has a cart now for composting and recycling!♻️ @cswdvt @ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt #ucs_vermont

These lucky Vermonters get to ski during PE! @ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt #ucs_vermont

The cutest group of buddies! @ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt #ucs_vermont

Looking for animal tracks with our kinderbuddies! 🐾 @ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt #ucs_vermont

♻️These “green team” members reminded the school about the proper ways to dispose of waste in the lunchroom. ♻️ @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont @mmuusdvt