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Mrs. Bernier’s third and fourth grade self portraits @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

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Painting the backgrounds of our self portraits with our K buddies! @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

And we have another magician in the house!🀹‍♂️ @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

Went to pick up this amazing group of readers in the library and this is what I discovered thanks to Mr. BaronπŸ“š @ucs_vermont #ucs_vermont

UCS field hockey club putting some of their new skills to use! @acowanpe #ucs_vermont @ucs_vermont

This class is full of talented students, including our very own magician! #ucs_vermont

UCS field hockey started today!πŸ‘ #ucs_vermont @acowanpe

Quiet time activities...a favorite time of the day

Our classroom agreement for this year’s amazing group.🌞

Personalizing our writer’s notebooks #ucs_vermont